How to Negotiate Salary: Negotiating a New Job Offer Course (Trailer)

Earn thousands by finding what you’re worth, knowing exactly what to say, and negotiating with confidence.
— Online Salary Negotiation Course for Professionals:

Did you know that HALF of all workers did not negotiate their last salary?

Here’s why: The thought of negotiation makes them nervous, they don’t know how to find their worth, they’re afraid of losing the offer, and they simply don’t know what to say. Unfortunately, they’re leaving thousands, even millions on the table.

This video shows highlights from my online course, which will show you how to:
– Accurately research your maximum worth on the market
– Navigate the early stages of an interview, avoiding online forms and low-ball screening questions from HR
– Confidently say exactly the right phrases to secure the highest salary and get paid what you deserve

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